Soft Seamless Maternity Belly Band

Glamix belly bands are special design for pregnancy, just pull it over your unbuttoned or unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts, shorts and more.

Not only does it keep your unbuttoned pants in place without falling down, but it also smoothes out the lines under your shirt/top.

Maternity Belly Band

Belly band for pregnancy pants extender:
✔️To secure pants that are too tight to fasten or still too loose to stay up on their own.

✔️Added coverage and extra support over ill-fitting maternity bottoms.

✔️Added support and an extra layer of coverage when your tops stop fitting all the way around your belly because they are shorter to accommodate your ever-growing bump.

✔️As your body gradually recovers, wear the Glamix belly band over maternity clothes that are too loose and pre-pregnancy bottoms that are too tight.

✔️The band can also be folded or double folded for added support.

Maternity Belly Band

Seamless Maternity Belly Bands With Pants Extender

Glamix maternity belly bands are perfect for home, running, and Yoga.

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