Do amazing things during pregnancy

As you’re preparing for baby’s arrival, you may be reading up on parenting advice and consulting with your doctor about dietary and fitness changes you should make to keep your baby healthy. Getting ready for a baby is a large task on its own, but there have been some women who have managed to pull off historic feats during their pregnancies. Three of these expectant moms stand out amongst the rest – here are their stories. Nursing Dresses.

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Running all the way to the delivery room

As of October 2011, Amber Miller had completed eight marathons – three of them while pregnant and one hour before she gave birth to her daughter, June. At 39-weeks, Miller got clearance from her doctor to participate in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, but she told ABC World News that she didn’t expect to finish the 26.2 miles. To the 27-year-old’s surprise, she completed the course, feeling contractions as she approached the finish line.

A future baby genius?

“I think my baby was the one to help me,” said Xu Yuhua after winning the 2006 Women’s World Chess Championship while she was three months pregnant. The 29-year-old is the only known championship winner to secure the title during a pregnancy. Yuhua is the third Chinese woman to bring home the crowning victory in the chess world.

Sliding into silver

Kristie Moore arrived at the 2010 Winter Olympics five-and-a-half months pregnant and ready to support Canada’s curling team. She was an alternate but did get a chance to hit the ice during a large lead over the team’s Swedish rivals. “It will be amazing that one day I can tell my baby that I was in the Olympics,” Moore told The Canadian Press. Although Canada clinched the victory in that match, Sweden would go on to secure gold later in the series while Moore and her team brought home the silver medal.

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